How Extra Space Storage Increased Its Online Mobile Lease Signing Rate by 48% With Clickwrap

Ironclad is a wonderful partner with great services and competitive pricing—We don’t see a downside.

- Extra Space Storage

With Ironclad Clickwrap, Extra Space Storage:

  • Increased mobile lease signing by 48%
  • Decreased time to capture mobile customer signatures by 63%
  • Decreased time to capture desktop customer signatures by 80%




Seamlessly executing digital lease agreements

When COVID-19 closed offices and forced people to work from home, Extra Space Storage experienced a surge in demand for self-storage. At the same time, potential customers didn’t want to visit Extra Space Storage stores in person to sign their lease agreement during a pandemic. The solution was to put the lease agreement process online. At first, David Elswood, Product Manager at Extra Space Storage, and his team used PDFs to capture signatures but that approach had drawbacks, especially on mobile devices.

“Reviewing seven to 12 page PDFs on your phone doesn’t work very well,” says Extra Space Storage. “Sometimes customers couldn’t scroll, and links were partially hidden on smaller screens.”

Ultimately, David, along with his colleague Peter Tew, Senior Product Manager at Extra Space Storage, knew the long-term solution was to move to native HTML contracts that are built into their website instead of PDFs. Not only did the move to HTML make sense from a process perspective, it was also best for their customers.

“We’re constantly trying to improve the customer experience through software,” says Extra Space Storage. “Customers expect online contracts to be managed seamlessly in HTML, not as clunky PDFs.”

Therefore, Extra Space Storage decided to move from DocuSign and partner with Ironclad to implement an HTML-native contract solution.

Customers expect online contracts to be managed seamlessly in HTML, not as clunky PDFs.

-Extra Space Storage


Streamlining digital contract management with Ironclad’s clickwrap

Extra Space Storage chose Ironclad’s clickwrap to streamline its lease agreement signing process. “Clickwrap was a great way to meet and exceed customer expectations for an easy online signing experience,” says Extra Space Storage.

Transforming the customer experience

With clickwrap agreements in place, the customer experience of signing lease agreements has dramatically improved from the days of serving up PDFs. Today, Extra Space Storage uses clickwrap to easily create contracts that are fully integrated with their website, which delivers a seamless signing experience for their customers, even on mobile devices.
This improvement is evidenced by the shorter amount of time that customers are spending on the contract webpage.

“Customers are in and out of the contract signing process much faster than before, which means higher customer satisfaction and more completed deals,” says Extra Space Storage.

Removal of the friction that existed with PDFs means that customers are more likely to self-serve and sign leases online in the moment, which means less follow up by the sales team.

“We have fewer customer calls to make because they can sign leases right on our website,” says Extra Space Storage.

Opening a new sales channel

Once Extra Space Storage implemented clickwrap, they saw immediate improvements to their existing online Rapid Rental experience. With the Rapid Rental service, customers can reserve a storage unit, buy insurance, and sign a lease agreement online for a completely contactless experience—and clickwrap is a critical component of this new, innovative service offering.

Responsive customer support

David and Peter also have high praise for the support they received from their Ironclad Customer Success Manager, Adam Sego, before, during, and after the implementation process.

“Adam was fantastic,” says Peter. “He’s the number one thing I love about Ironclad.”That level of service was particularly evident in the quick responses David and Peter received to their questions.

“If we had a question, it was answered very, very quickly. The whole Ironclad team was prepared to get back to us fast,” says David.

Expanding to in-person lease agreements

Clickwrap has been such a success in managing the digital lease signing process, Extra Space Storage is considering bringing the same process to all of their 2,000 stores.

Continual development at a competitive price

Ironclad has also proven open to feedback from Extra Space Storage, with a strong commitment to continual improvement. Ironclad is willing to take feedback and make changes when necessary.

“Ironclad is always developing products and solutions that meet our needs because they listen to us,” says Extra Space Storage. Just as importantly, Extra Space Storage has the contract management partner they wanted with Ironclad—a partnership that will continue to grow into the future.

Customers are in and out of the contract signing process much faster than before, which means higher customer satisfaction and more completed deals.

Extra Space Storage


48% increase in leases signed on mobile

Since implementing clickwrap, Extra Space Storage has seen tremendous improvements in contract signing and efficiencies.  

Most impressively, Extra Space Storage has seen a 48% increase in leases signed on mobile devices

“That percentage point change means 30% fewer signatures that the sales team has to chase down,” says Extra Space Storage. 

The average time needed to capture customer signatures has also fallen with clickwrap: It now takes 63% less time on mobile and 80% less time on desktop compared to the prior PDF method. 

For Extra Space Storage, the impact of these numbers can’t be overestimated.

“The improvements these numbers represent are huge,” says Extra Space Storage. “Clickwrap has been a massive upgrade, not just for us operationally, but also for the satisfaction of our customers.” 

Clickwrap has been a massive upgrade, not just for us operationally, but also for the satisfaction of our customers.

Extra Space Storage
  • Industry Rentals
  • Product Clickwrap
  • # of Employees 4,000
  • Contract type Sales

Streamline and accelerate enforceable online agreements with Ironclad Clickwrap.

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