Lessons from the world's best workflow designers

Learn how to automate all your contracts, from NDAs and MSAs to Procurement and HR contracts.

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Contract Masters is a series featuring the world’s best contract workflows and the innovative people who designed them using Ironclad’s Workflow Designer.

In each lesson, a contract master will walk you through the workflows they built and how they help drive efficiency, ensure compliance, and increase growth.

Dive in below.


Lesson 1: HR contracts

In this lesson, Sydney Dimick, Contract Administrator at Sarepta Therapeutics Inc., shows you how to fast-track approvals and increase compliance with HR contract workflows.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Automatically route contracts to the correct approvers in real-time
  • Track metadata upfront to easily create insightful reports and make informed decisions
  • Create easy-to-use workflows to empower your business users and drive adoption


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Lesson 2: NDAs

In this lesson, Ken Carter, General Counsel at Bitmovin, shows you how he created the world’s first universal NDA to free up his time to focus on higher value work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create self-service workflows to guide business users through the process of generating a contract
  • Save time on contract review and negotiation by standardizing the terms of an NDA
  • Shorten your sales cycle and close more deals with automated contract workflows


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Lesson 3: SOWs & MSAs

In this lesson, Veronica Wong, Sr. Director, Corporate Legal and Compliance at Kriya Therapeautics, shows you how she built a structured system to manage the relationship between MSAs & SOWs to increase efficiency and cross-functional collaboration.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build contract launch forms that capture the right information to have clean data and consistency
  • Use conditionals to automatically enable clauses to be aded or removed within the contract, depending on the various criteria, like governing law or contract value
  • Preserve the SOW and MSA relationship to create efficiency and streamline the process for how the contracts are created and stored.


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Lesson 4: Coming soon!

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