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Level Up Your Legal Ops in 2022

Learn how to set your team up for success from two legendary legal ops leaders who have spent over a decade building legal ops teams at Google, Spotify, and Netflix. Check out the recording below!
Level up legal ops

[On how to work in a hyper growth environment] Prioritize harder and accept you can’t address everyone’s pain point. Be bold, be transparent, meet everyone, and don’t boil the ocean.

Jenn McCarron, Head of Legal Operations and Technology, Netflix

Watch now: Level up your legal ops in 2022


The mavens of legal ops, Jenn McCarron and Mary O’Carroll, recently shared their proven strategies for tackling legal ops, from hiring and scaling, to leveling up in your career and doing more with less.

Key takeaways

Here are some protips from our panelists:

  • Strategic planning for 2022: Have a plan to get to where you need to go but be nimble and adjust to changing priorities. Don’t forget to make time for growing and developing yourself and your team.
  • How to make the business case for Legal Ops? Encourage your GC to talk with their peers (extrinsic approach), especially those with a Legal Ops professional on their team. Intrinsically, evaluate how happy Legal is today — and what businesses processes could be more efficient by having someone other than the attorneys on the team manage those functions.
  • Legal Ops doesn’t mean you have to be a “techie.”  What’s important is that you have a natural curiosity and a desire to challenge the status quo and make things better. Driving influence, strategic planning, issue spotting, and project management are additional core competencies to master.

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