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Live Q&A: Real Talk with Jenn and Mary

Learn how to advocate for yourself and succeed in legal ops from two legends who have spent over a decade building legal ops teams at Google, Spotify, and Netflix. Check out the recording below!
two people discussing legal ops on podcast

Every time you go out and speak in the industry in front of an audience of your peers, you're shaving time off the interview process later.

Jenn McCarron, Head of Legal Operations and Technology, Netflix

Watch now: Real Talk with Jenn and Mary

Key takeaways

Here are some pearls of wisdom from their conversation:

  • On getting comp to the right place: Leverage your community and talk to each other. Let’s educate the business on the differences across levels (from manager to director and VP level).
  • Think of legal ops as strategic ops. A good legal ops professional will advise you on how to scale with the business — and they will show you how to do it.
  • Show, don’t tell. Bring in stakeholders to co-create, and make them successful with the solution you implement together.
  • Advance in your career by sharing your thought leadership. Have the courage to share your expertise and build your personal brand in legal operations so you can build your credibility and go further.

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