Digital Contracting
Data Trends Report

Think about how many contracts your business signs daily – then imagine all the insights locked inside. From hiring and firing to purchasing and sales, businesses run on contracts.

The 2022 Digital Contracting Data Trends Report is a first-of-its-kind report which analyzes data across more than one billion contracts within Ironclad.

Download the research to see: 

  • Average contract turnaround times pre- and post-pandemic 
  • The surprising new ways companies are choosing to collaborate on and negotiate contracts
  • How contracts can act as shock absorbers in volatile times
  • Macroeconomic trends that can be revealed from contract data

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Key finding #1:
Contracting is moving faster than ever 

Contracting cycle times steadily decreased after 2019, dropping from a pre-pandemic average of 16.6 days to an average of just 6.7 days in 2022, suggesting a new normal for contracting speed. 

Whether this was the pressure cooker environment of the pandemic pushing companies to get more deals closed, purchase more services to enable remote work, or simply move faster in order to survive, companies have doubled down on speed in a time of immense change.

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