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Most contracting tools aren’t designed for collaboration and negotiation. As a result, different versions of documents live in countless places, whether it’s an email inbox, a company shared drive or a siloed contracting tool. That approach may work for small organizations, but for enterprises it leads to process bottlenecks and long contracting times.

Ironclad brings contract generation, revision, approval and signing into a central platform that allows for faster contract review, robust knowledge management and automatic contracting routing. 

Ironclad’s collaboration-first digital contracting platform features:

  • Automatic file and version management (including redlines) in one central platform
  • One-click email sharing for contract collaboration and negotiation across the enterprise and negotiation with counterparties
  • A central Activity Feed for reviewing contract history and using @mentions to loop in internal counterparts for contract review
  • Advanced contract routing and permissions to ensure that contract approvers and signers are automatically contacted throughout the contract lifecycle

Learn more about how we can help your team accelerate, streamline and simplify contracting by scheduling a demo of Ironclad, the digital contracting platform loved by modern legal teams.

A top priority in Dropbox Legal is focusing on high-value work, while still enabling simpler work to be completed at scale. Ironclad is a critical component to helping us deliver on this priority, and we look forward to expanding and deepening this relationship as we grow.

— Dan Cook, Vice President, Legal at Dropbox

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