Report: How to Use Contract Data During COVID-19

As the deep and dislocating impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, businesses must become more adaptive and agile to survive. It is with this new reality in mind that we examined first-of-its-kind contract data to offer proprietary intelligence into changing business conditions.

Contracts are strong indicators of business health. They enable and set the pace for every business relationship and transaction. For our inaugural data report, we analyzed anonymized and aggregate data from 100,000+ business contracts by companies spanning dozens of industries — from retail and travel to sports teams and finance — before and after the onset of COVID-19.

Download the report now to see the key findings, including:

  • How to use contract data to adapt business in a time of economic uncertainty
  • How companies have successfully pivoted since the start of remote work
  • Changes in deal creation and the role of the legal team
  • The lasting business implications arising from COVID-19



Download the report here