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Contract Management for Sales Agreements

Congratulations, you’ve closed a deal! All that stands between you and realizable revenue is the formality of a signed contract.

But naturally, it’s not that simple. Formalizing statements of work, master service agreements, inbound services agreements and more can take days and countless emails, and any number of challenges can pop up along the way.

  • New stakeholders get involved in approvals
  • Additional questions around deal structure 
  • Revisions and redlines 
  • The constant “Did they sign yet?” status updates

Luckily, there’s a better way. With Ironclad’s digital contracting platform, you can build and deploy a sales agreement workflow in a matter of minutes. Empower sales users to generate contracts on demand, gather approvals, handle redlines and finalize agreements up to 10 times faster than before.

“Our goal is to have our Account Executives be the quarterback of their own deals and not block on other teams. That wasn’t the case before Ironclad since all contract requests had to go through the Deal Desk, even if they were standard, non-negotiated agreements.

Jesse Rabbits, Deal Desk Manager at Namely

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