Guide to Digital Contract Management vs. Legacy CLM 

Sound familiar? Modern legal teams are constantly being tasked to do more with fewer resources. As the tasks assigned to them continue to mount, identifying and implementing powerful technology like digital contract management can mean the difference between efficient operations and unmanageable backlogs.

With so many options on the market — and many claiming to be “end-to-end” or “all-in-one” — choosing the right tech solution for Legal at scale can be a challenge.

Learn how to distinguish a true solution amid all the noise and set up your legal team for future success by joining us for From Past to Present: The Rise of Digital Contracting.

You will learn

  • The evolution of contracting solutions and their impact on Legal
  • The difference between Contract Management System (CMS), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Workflow Automation tools
  • How Legal can move from cost center to business center (and save on rising contract costs)
  • The six essential steps to adopting digital contracting management


Adam Haskew, Ironclad Content Marketing Manager

Chris Young, Ironclad General Counsel


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