Instant Demo

Experience Ironclad Clickwrap

You’ve most likely accepted online terms and conditions at some point, but have you considered what happens on the back-end? This partial demo of Ironclad Clickwrap will take you through not only what it looks like for an end-user to accept a contract with clickwrap, but also what the record of acceptance looks like for the business.

Here’s what to expect


End User Experience

Take a look at the form on this page. It looks like a typical form, but there’s also a checkbox that you’re required to tick before you can proceed. This is how end-users are presented with the contract they are being asked to accept. They can click through and read the terms before checking the box to proceed. Try it for yourself!


Business Record

In this demo, once you submit the form you will be taken to a page where you can download the record of the completed contract. This record will also be emailed to the email address you provided. These records are available for every contract executed via clickwrap.


There’s a lot more happening behind the scenes

Ironclad Clickwrap is a comprehensive solution for managing your business’s digitally native contracts. In fact, some of our customers favorite features is all the legal content management happening before you even get to step 1 in the demo! Talk to one of our clickwrap experts to learn more.