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Scale with technology, not headcount

NDAs used to take Mastercard weeks to process. Now, they take days, thanks to Ironclad’s consolidation of 100+ templates into three workflows. That’s led to a 70% reduction in processing time and $500,000+ in FTE cost savings.

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“At Mastercard, we set a long-term roadmap to tell the story of what we’re trying to solve for. Ironclad created operational efficiencies as they related to business impact.”

Anushree Bagrodia, Legal Transformation Lead and Senior Managing Counsel, Mastercard

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Eliminate contract inefficiencies

Namely’s revenue has grown by over 4000% in the past five years. Keeping up with that growth requires creative, technology-enabled solutions. Ironclad enables Namely’s deal desk to close deals 85% faster by automating routine sales tasks and integrating with existing systems.

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“Ironclad is the single best rollout and efficiency gain I’ve seen in the last 5 years in Sales at Namely.”

– Account Executive, Namely


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Protect your company with contract guardrails

AppDynamics is a software company that supports hundreds of large enterprises around the world. Ironclad ensures 100% compliance with international sales requirements by putting guardrails around the contract request and generation process for resellers.

Learn more about how AppDynamics uses Ironclad to ensure compliance across the business.

Without Ironclad, it would have been difficult to have all our resellers around the world comply with our licensing standards. Now, we’re thinking about how else we can use the system to support our business.”

Suzanne Sykes, Associate Director, Channel Compliance, AppDynamics

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