The Contract Process Data Your Stakeholders Care About

Thursday, Jan. 13 @ 10am PST

How much faster would deals close if you knew how long your contracts took to get approved and completed, or who they were waiting on? When contracts go into the black box for approval, deal cycles take longer as emails go back and forth with status updates and approval follow up. Each delay makes internal clients like sales unhappier as deals drag on and customers are left wondering what is taking so long.

Automation and the use of built-in metrics allow you to control and improve your processes throughout the contract lifecycle.

Join Signifyd’s Contracts Manager Zuhair Saadat in conversation with Ironclad’s Mikaela Waters to take a deep dive into process metrics and explore how Signifyd is using Ironclad’s CLM to improve business performance.

You will learn how to track your contract process data and provide cross-functional business partners with:

  • Better visibility into the company’s most critical in-flight contracts
  • Strategies to increase sales contract velocity and get deals across the finish line faster
  • Insights that can inform key business strategies (e.g. pricing decisions)



Zuhair Sadaat, Ironclad Architect, Signifyd

Zuhair Sadaat, Ironclad Architect, Signifyd

Mikaela Waters, Product Marketing Manager, Ironclad


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