ironclad’s Workflow Designer

The power of workflows, directly in your hands

Ironclad’s Workflow Designer is the first and only contracting solution that lets legal teams design and deploy any type of contract process on their own, in just minutes.

With Workflow Designer, you’ll take automated, fast-track control over all your contracts and templates—from creation, approvals and management to archiving.

  • Build flexible contracting workflows with powerful conditionality—no implementation time or technical expertise necessary

  • Easily modify and fine-tune workflows—even as business needs change

  • Enjoy fast time-to-value and high adoption rates among users as you drive business efficiency—and transform Legal from cost center into business center

Read about the inspiration behind Workflow Designer on the Ironclad Blog.

“Ironclad gives me the control to create workflows that make sense for the needs of the business when I need them… empowering the business groups I work with to take an active role in managing contracts to completion.” —Shane Riehl, Contracts Negotiator at Glassdoor.

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