In-House Legal’s Guide to Influencer Contracts

Legal and marketing work better together. Learn how the Texas Rangers created efficient and effective ways to manage influencer contracts.

Hannah Wing, the Digital and In-Game Host and Social Media Coordinator for the Texas Rangers, does a lot, from hosting games—writing scripts, posting videos, building hype on gameday—to helping with the organization’s social media channels. While she’s comfortable tweeting to the team’s 1.4 million followers or hosting a game in front of 40,000 fans, when she started managing legal contracts for their influencer program, it made her nervous.

Hannah and the Rangers’ in-house legal team initially struggled with creating an efficient and compliant way to manage influencer contracts for the team’s growing list of social media partners.

Learn how Hannah and the Rangers:

  • Reduced the time to execute influencer contracts by 60%
  • Grew their influencer marketing program from 30 to over 80 influencers
  • Got rid of the heartburn over influencer contracts by streamlining and digitizing the process

Start managing your influencer contracts with confidence