3 Steps to Master your Contracts with the Next Stage of CLM

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Legacy CLM is not being used to its full potential. Unless your current CLM is built with 1. The contract in mind and 2. The business process behind it – you’re not going to get the end result you’re looking for. The solution? A three-step framework to understand your business holistically and solve the business processes that slow contracts down, getting to the root of the issues and solving them.

Join Ironclad’s Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer, and Chris Young, General Counsel, as they talk about the evolution of CLM with digital contracting and see real-world examples of digital contracting in action from experts like Angela Mendenhall, Senior Corporate Paralegal at Impossible Foods. Save your spot to hear discussion on:

  • The evolution of managing your contracts with a CLM to solving your contracting problems with digital contracting

  • What digital contracting is and why you should be thinking about it

  • How you can master your contracts in 3 steps with digital contracting and CLM

  • How Angela at Impossible Foods used digital contracting to transform her contracts


Chris Young, General Counsel, Ironclad

Mary O'Carroll

Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer, Ironclad


Angela Mendenhall

Angela Mendenhall, Senior Corporate Legal Paralegal, Impossible Foods

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