Dealbreaker to Dealmaker: Powering the Sales & Legal Partnership

The quarter-close hustle — that mad dash to the deal finish line — can put unnecessary strain on the relationship between Sales and Legal, from lack of clarity and roadblocks to mistrust and risk. 

The good news is you can mitigate the stress of quarterly deal crunches — and year-round dealmaking — by aligning these teams around shared processes, organization and technology, setting up your company for long-term success.

In this free-wheeling conversation with Ironclad leadership, you’ll hear hard-won best practices in building a healthy Sales and Legal partnership, such as investing in quality time, information sharing and common language.

Damon Miño, Ironclad VP of Sales

Chris Young, Ironclad General Counsel

Key takeaways

  • Getting granular with data to optimize deal efficiency, foster accountability and reduce the stress of tight turnarounds
  • Striking a balance between speed and compliance by investing in digital contracting technology
  • Aligning resources to increase efficiencies and avoid siloing Sales and Legal

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The more Legal can partner and collaborate with Sales, the more empathy you build. When Sales trusts you and appreciates that you’re always looking out for the benefit of the company, they’re not going to avoid you. Instead, you can address issues together as you both help the company avoid undue risk.
—Ironclad GC Chris Young 


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