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A New Era of AI-Powered Digital Contracting

Check out how the latest developments in contract AI can uplevel all aspects of your legal function, enable you to move faster, ensure compliance at scale, and unlock powerful insights that drive your business forward.

As a leading AI-powered CLM, we’re dedicated to bringing the latest AI advancements to customers while keeping human sensibilities at the core of everything we build. At our first-ever Ironclad Live Virtual event, we dove deep into how generative AI is transforming business processes across a multitude of industries and what its applications will mean for the future of legal work.


What We Covered

During this 1-hour virtual event, we brought highlights from our inaugural in-person Ironclad Live San Francisco, which featured a keynote from Ironclad co-founder and CEO, Jason Boehmig, co-founder and Chief Architect, Cai GoGwilt, plus a panel of legal leaders from OpenAI, Airtable, and Everlaw. We dove deep into:

  • The latest and greatest on where contract AI is headed this year from industry experts
  • How to use Ironclad AI to optimize contract management processes
  • How OpenAI, Airtable, and Everlaw leverage Ironclad AI to future-proof their business and empower their teams

We also unveiled a slew of brand new AI-powered features, including:

  • AI Assist™, which lets users instantly redline contracts based on pre-approved clause language, automatically provides suggestions, and drafts, analyzes, and summarizes contracts based on free-text prompts
  • AI Custom Clauses, which lets users train Ironclad AI’s model to custom-fit their industry or use case needs based on language they provide
  • Smart Import API, which digests an unlimited number of contracts from any business application without needing to download, store, and re-upload them into Ironclad
  • New contract data management capabilities that allow users to configure and manage 194+ contract properties

…and more! To hear more about these brand-new features, watch the full recording.

Thanks for joining us for Ironclad Live. If you’d like to learn more about how Ironclad AI can extend the power of digital contracting throughout your business, get in touch with our team.

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