Ironclad for Finance

You can’t monitor compliance and spend across the company without first knowing what’s in your contracts. Ironclad is the only CLM that gives Finance full control over contract data, analysis, and reporting—across all business departments. 

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Legal Engineer Photo Ironclad CLM 20201
Legal Engineer Photo Ironclad CLM 20201

Unlocking contract data

Identify and minimize risk 

Ironclad unlocks data on both in-progress and completed contracts so that your analysts can analyze, report on, and visualize contract data in the systems they’re used to.

Increased visibility into your contracts means that you can quickly identify compliance risks, cost overruns, and business risks. Now, you can turn your contracts—and the insights within them—into a business asset. 

On any given day, I receive a number of questions like ‘What was the exclusivity term?’ ‘What were the pricing terms of that?’ Being able to quickly pull up the terms of any agreement, filter, and tag certain things on Ironclad has been essential.

Ezinne Okpo, VP of Legal, Reonomy


How Reonomy Launched Ironclad and Saved Time

VP of Legal Ezinne Okpo found “nothing else on the market could do” what Ironclad did and, with the platform, forged an efficient contract process that “thrilled” teams across her company.


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