The only solution flexible enough for all HR agreements and policies

It doesn’t make sense to manage and process HR contracts in contracting software designed for Sales or Procurement, rather than for all-purpose contracting.

Here’s why HR teams rely on Ironclad to streamline their processes. 

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Improve the employee experience

A first-class HR solution

Having the agility to manage changing business needs is core to HR’s success.

Whether your team needs to process an offer letter or bring on a temporary consultant, Ironclad saves you time and effort by automating manual processes while also ensuring the best candidate and employee experience.

We simply couldn’t do what we do without a system like Ironclad. It’s just not possible.

Ken Carter, General Counsel, Bitmovin


How Bitmovin Reduced Contracting Costs by 75% with Ironclad

With Ironclad, Bitmovin saved $400k in outside counsel, cut contracting costs by 75%, and accelerated sales and HR contracts for its globally distributed team.


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