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Creative agencies. SEO consultants. Instagram influencers.

Regardless of who you’re contracting with, Ironclad provides the flexibility and speed your marketing team needs to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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illustration of a megaphone
illustration of a megaphone

Accelerate marketing initiatives

Automate the boring stuff

When L’Oréal first began contracting with social media influencers, it found that manual contracting processes couldn’t keep pace with the speed of business.

Now, with Ironclad, L’Oréal is able to generate and send contracts for signature with a few clicks, while also having real-time access to the status of every contract in flight.

Once you see how seamless and easy and intuitive the platform is, you will literally ask yourself, why didn’t I do this much sooner?

Elyssa Dunleavy, Assistant Vice President, Advertising Counsel, L’Oréal USA

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