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December 4, 2018 2 min read

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Meet the GC: Chris Chin at Google

When Chris Chin started at Google 16 years ago, the company was just a couple hundred employees spread across two buildings. Now he’s Google’s Legal Director, and has in that capacity led Google’s legal team through countless evolutions, building a revolutionarily modern legal team along the way. Continue reading on our blog to learn how Google’s legal team survived the company’s incredible growth, and why hiring great team members is non-negotiable.

Member News

  • Ashlee Best, Legal Operations Manager at Asana is participating on a panel, “Emerging Legal Departments: Legal Tech 101 Roundtable,” on Wednesday, Dec. 5, presented by Evolve the Law, Above the Law’s Innovation Center. RSVP here.
  • Kenneth Carter, GC at Bitmovin, wrote an op-ed about patent trolls in The Hill. Read about “Silicon Valley: The land of unicorns—and trolls” here.


*This Thursday* Rooftop Law School feat. Impossible Foods!

Earlier this year, the Missouri state legislature passed an omnibus agricultural bill that includes a provision to ban the use of the word “meat” to describe anything that is “not derived from harvested production livestock or poultry.” Explore the impact of policy on bringing products to market at this week’s Rooftop Law School with Alexandra Feldman and Tyler Jameson of Impossible Foods. RSVP here.

Jobs From Our Community

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