GC Perspectives on Scaling Your Small(ish) Legal Department

May 6, 2021 2 min read

Ironclad General Counsel Chris Young recently joined the In House Focus Leaders of Legal conference and led a roundtable with fellow GCs to share their experiences around growing a lean legal team and scaling their operations to keep up with business growth.

Here are the key takeaways from their conversation:

  • Jacqueline Lee, General Counsel of Flynn Restaurant Group: “Think about scaling with systems and not with people. Right now I feel like we have a great foundation of people and I cannot be more proud of the team that we have on deck. Now it’s time to figure out how to maximize their efficiency and their contributions based on their special skills. The way we will accomplish that is with systems.”
  • Shana Simmons, General Counsel of Everlaw: “Bolster your network. Take the time to meet with peers outside your organization and tap into their wealth of knowledge.”
  • Marie Satterfield, Chief Legal Officer of Rothy’s: “It takes way longer to hire than expected, so do it sooner rather than later. Just get it done because it does take time to meet candidates, get through the hiring process, and identify exactly what you need.”
  • Chris Young, General Counsel of Ironclad: “Optimize for trust with your teammates, not only in Legal, but across the business. Your teammates in Finance, Product, and more are the folks who are going to help you scale and build your department. Once your peers are confident in your ability to be an operator, it is much easier to compel the resources you need for technology and strategic headcount for your team.”

You can watch the full playback of the 30-minute roundtable here:

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