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Contract Horror Stories: The EOQ Cruncher

October 24, 2022 2 min read

Now that you’ve tamed the Auto-Renew Outlaw and Rogue Contractor, you’re feeling pretty good about the state of your contracts. Excited even. Legal and Sales are on the same page, you’re crushing deals left and right, and everyone seems happy.

And wow, now that $1 million enterprise sales deal looks like it’s about ready to close. This win would be BIG for the company – and for you.

But wait, the counterparty came back with a small, but material change to the terms. “No problem,” you think. “I’ll just re-route the contract through legal, and we’ll be good to go.” There are still – checks watch – 11 hours before the end of the quarter. That’s plenty of time, right? 

Stop the end-of-quarter contract rush

Sigh. This contract horror story is way too familiar – and we all know how it usually ends. How many deals have required last-minute attention at the end of the quarter? Then review and approval on your end before you can even send a final version back to the counterparty. Ensuring you have the right context to make quick decisions is paramount to getting last-minute deals signed on the last day of the quarter.

But this one is preventable with Ironclad. Ironclad’s AI-powered digital contracting solution lets you speed the contracting process from start to finish and nail your end of quarter contract reviews. When a new deal is ready to close, reps simply create the contract with the pre-approved terms and clauses, route through approvals, and send off for signatures. Your legal team is confident, knowing that they’ve already approved the language within, and everyone who needs to view the agreement has easy access.

No more contract horror stories

Beat the EOQ Cruncher! Ironclad’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform helps you complete contracts 60% faster. Click here to check out our EOQ Survival Guide, or sign up for a custom demo here.

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Toby Schumacher is the Director of Business Development at Ironclad.