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Contract Horror Stories: Beware of Rogue Contracting

October 20, 2022 2 min read

Now that you’ve combated the Auto-Renew Outlaw, things are cruising along nicely at work. Your team is firing on all cylinders and people are starting to notice. Things are good. You might even say things are great. And then a new deal comes in. Excellent news, right? You click the link, ready to celebrate another win when you see it:

96% discount for life with unlimited users??!

That’s outrageous. You didn’t agree to this! Another sales order form gets signed with terms no one has ever seen or agreed to, locking in unspeakable prices and add-ons with no authorization. This type of rogue contracting is going to put an end to you – or at least your career – if you don’t put a stop to it. But how?

Put an end to rogue contracting

Rogue contracting happens when internal colleagues build and negotiate their own agreements without including their legal teams. If something goes wrong (and with rogue contracting, it often does), legal has to pick up the pieces without much context. 

Let’s be honest: We all know those sales reps who will agree to just about anything to get a deal done. But this contract horror story is definitely preventable. With Ironclad for contract lifecycle management (CLM), you can put guard rails and pre-approved terms in place. 

Ironclad’s CLM software helps you:

  • Implement self-service capabilities
  • Accelerate high-volume, high-value contracts
  • Create custom workflows to match your contracting needs

Ironclad’s Workflow Designer helps you build and launch a contract process in minutes. When you’re ready to create a contract, Ironclad Editor gives you a headstart with pre-approved language already in place. The negotiation process goes quickly, thanks to AI-powered features like turn tracking and playbooks. Then route for approvals to make sure everyone’s on board with the final agreement. Customers say Ironclad’s contracting platform helps them complete contracts 60% faster.

No more contract horror stories

Empower your company to get work done with rules you set. Click here to learn more about Ironclad’s workflows, or sign up for a custom demo here.

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Toby Schumacher is the Director of Business Development at Ironclad.