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Rethink the Way You Contract with the New Clickwrap Next Gen

November 16, 2022 2 min read
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For decades, people built contracts around a clunky, human-heavy motion that’s not fit for a digital world. Generate a document, pass it back and forth, exchange redlines, send it to an email for signature, store it. This ritual has become a necessary evil for too many companies.

We built Ironclad CLM (with AI-powered features like Editor, Smart Import, and Playbooks) to simplify that cumbersome process for even the most complex of contracts. But what about more basic contracts, like NDAs, terms and conditions, and simple commercial agreements? That old process just isn’t feasible or fast enough.  

Clickwrap next gen: Rethinking traditional contracts

Today we’re launching the next generation of Ironclad Clickwrap to help companies turn contracting into a competitive advantage. Clickwrap is now the fastest, easiest way to gather a legally binding digital acceptance, helping forward-thinking companies manage high-volume contracts like terms & conditions, NDAs, and more. See how it work in this short demo.



Clickwrap is built for the speed of today’s businesses:

  • Get agreements online faster: With Clickwrap Guides, users can follow tailored implementation blueprints to easily create and test online agreements like checkout flows, renewal agreements, Terms of Services, NDAs, and more.
  • Streamline clickwrap creation: Our new user interface is optimized for efficient contract creation and configuration – from uploading templates to getting your first line of code deployed.
  • Easily manage millions of contracts in one place: Our new unified repository lets you sync, categorize, search for, and analyze all contracts in one place – whether they’re high-volume Clickwraps or traditional one-to-one agreements.
  • Collect agreement evidence across any device: Clickwrap Snapshots captures visual evidence and maintain compliance of your agreements wherever they’re presented – mobile apps, tablets, smart devices, gaming consoles, and more.
  • Visualize your clickwrap data: Users can create custom visualizations of crucial operational data from their online agreements using Insights, Ironclad’s AI-powered data and analytics tool.

Put Clickwrap to work for your business

Ironclad Clickwrap transforms your contract process and helps legal teams become a proactive value driver for the business. Learn more about Clickwrap here, or sign up for a custom demo to see how clickwrap can help your business streamline its contracts. We’d love to show-off all the ways it can transform the way you operate. 

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Brian Powers is the founder of PactSafe, the pioneering clickwrap and Terms of Service management platform acquired by Ironclad in 2021. He’s currently an engineer, an attorney, GM of Ironclad Clickwrap, and a weekly reader of 100s of pages of clickwrap case law.