Introducing Custom AI

November 1, 2023 3 min read
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Despite how deeply and rapidly AI technology has proliferated in the past year, it has not yet joined the ranks of indispensable B2B software features like fast sales automation, robust customer relationship management, or digitized payroll. And while that status might still be a distant horizon, there’s one thing that could pull it closer: customization. Because people are much more likely to trust a tool – and use it – when it can configure itself to address their unique problems.

We built that consideration into our latest set of AI powered features and are thrilled to announce the general availability of Custom AI.

What is Custom AI?

Custom AI is a set of features that allows users to improve the quality of their AI results and expand the model’s ability to absorb unique data, domain knowledge, and context, creating a cycle of continuous improvement that increases efficiency across the user base over time. The set was built around the customization concept of fine-tuning. Fine-tuning lets users tailor Ironclad AI models to their unique use cases–think custom clauses, industry specific data requirements, etc.– by feeding the models contract data that was not observed during the original training process.

How does Custom AI work?

Currently, Ironclad’s AI suite–Ironclad Smart Import, AI Playbooks, and AI Assist™–can detect 175 clauses and 19 fields, collectively called “AI contract data points” out of the box. With the availability of Custom AI, users can train Ironclad AI on clauses that sit outside of that box and are unique to their use cases and business requirements. And the more they use it, the more accurate and relevant results it will offer up. Its specific capabilities include:

Consolidated data management. When Custom AI gets trained on new contract language, that training will be reflected across the entire Ironclad AI suite, reducing the time and effort to update each individual feature.

Custom clauses. Users can train Custom AI with unique clauses. They simply create a name, description, and input examples of clause text to start training the model. They can start with three examples and add or delete additional ones whenever they’d like.

in-product gif showing how a user can create a new clause in ironclad

Create a custom clause

Out-of-the-box clause training. Businesses, especially in specific industries, often have unique language for common contract clauses. If a clause included in the out-of-the-box list doesn’t automatically get detected and labeled due to these minor language variations, users can manually highlight and label the selected text as an example of the desired clause, and the updated language will get detected moving forward.


Gif of editing an existing clause in product

Edit existing clauses

Restricted user permissions. Admins can limit who is allowed to make updates and train the models, giving them control of their accuracy and quality.

Controlled access to AI contract data points. Though there are 194 contract data points–plus countless custom clauses–to detect, not all of them are relevant to every contract, business, or industry. With Custom AI, users can hide or limit which data points are available depending on their relevance and the priorities of the business.


in product gif of turning specific clauses on and off

Disable restricted and/or irrelevant clauses

Today, Custom AI features are available in all paid Ironclad subscriptions. Training or fine-tuning Ironclad AI’s autodetected properties is free, as are the first ten custom clauses a user creates.

A first step

While Custom AI already has robust customization capabilities, it’s just the first set of many. As AI tech develops, as with any digital tech we’ve encountered in the last decade, it’s only going to get more specific, more tailored, more personalized. The added bonus that’s unique to AI training, though, is that the growing specificity makes the results more accurate and reliable.  And we’re excited to continue building on that journey!


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About Ironclad

Ironclad is the #1 contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies, powering billions of contracts every year. Salesforce, L’Oréal, OpenAI and other leading innovators use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. It’s the only platform flexible enough to handle every type of contract workflow, whether a sales agreement, an HR agreement or a complex NDA. In 2023, Ironclad was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Contract Lifecycle Management, as well as named to the Forbes AI 50 2023 list and a Top Company to Bet Your Career On by Business Insider.

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