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Introducing our CMO, Joyce Solano

February 19, 2019 2 min read

Newsflash. I’ve joined Ironclad to lead their marketing efforts. It’s not every day that I meet a young company so crisp and clear about their singular mission — to power the world’s contracts.

Admittedly, I had not previously considered a Digital Contracting Platform to be “sexy tech”, but quickly realized it fundamentally solves a problem that every single business has. You see, contracts are the lifeblood of how companies do business. From NDAs, offer letters, partnerships agreements, sales contracts and more — every company is a contracts company.

Yet, contracts are painful. Legal teams are buried under mountains of contract work, back and forth red lines and confusing email threads. After which, these hard won agreements get filed in legacy archival systems, effectively locking away all the insight.

Today, lawyers at the world’s largest companies are not doling out strategic advice, rather they are managing back office pain. Ironclad aims to rescue the legal profession from the chains of admin work by making it easy to create, review, and track contracts.

And boy do legal teams love Ironclad. I was blown away by their explosive growth and roster of customers including Dropbox, Autodesk, Reddit, L’Oreal and a very cool MLB team that shall not be named 😉 In fact, they have a feverish community. They’ve attracted the most prestigious VCs in the Valley like Sequoia’s Jess Lee who recently led Ironclad’s B round. Jess is generally a consumer brand investor, yet she is sharply in tune with how virality is making its way into enterprise software. I’ve thought a lot about this evolution in B2B marketing and loved that Ironclad shines in this department.

Lastly, I was won over by the team. Wow, what a bench. Jason and Cai’s passion for company culture and their investments into the quality of the product is best-in-class. Their first ever engineering hire was an amazing senior Quality Engineer from Palantir. In fact, the company is 20% ex Palantir and over 18% are former or practicing attorneys. We have amazing braintrust in our fun SOMA office location. Come get free community advice over beers.

And of course, of course, yes we are hiring.

I’m recruiting another hustle-loving marketing team to fuel Ironclad’s growth and build a brand that delights customers worldwide. Excited yet? Vamos! Vamos!

Ironclad is an end-to-end contract management and workflow automation platform. By automating contracting processes and extracting intelligence from contracts, Ironclad lets legal teams focus on legal work, rather than paperwork. See what we’re building today. 

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