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Take 5 With Brooke Adair, Sales Manager

July 2, 2020 4 min read
Brooke Adair Sr. Account Executive

Interested in life at Ironclad? Get to know our Cladiators through our employee spotlight, Take 5. This week, meet Brooke Adair, sales manager at Ironclad.

Tell us about yourself, Brooke.

I’ve been in sales for five years, mostly selling collaboration-oriented software. Before that, I studied Communication at UC Santa Barbara (go Gauchos!) and worked in user experience research at Citrix.

Why Ironclad?

I joined Ironclad because of the people, the mission and the product, and how those three things align. Cladiators are uniquely empathetic, intelligent and driven towards our mission, which is laser-focused on making the product that legal teams love.

I find that having such a specific north star is really important — we know that everything we do should contribute back to that mission. Our mission inspires me because, unfortunately, attorneys have been traditionally stuck with outdated, difficult-to-use software. This has only furthered the false reputation that working with legal is scary and a sign of something going wrong. The reality is, organizations that better leverage their legal resources perform better.

The moment I saw Ironclad’s beautiful and simple UI, I knew this was something that could truly make people’s lives so much easier. By making contracting accessible and enjoyable, we’re helping change legal’s reputation from a business blocker to a business driver.

Have you ever worked remotely before?

My previous company, InVision, was entirely remote, which was a great learning experience for me — and the flexibility made a ton of sense for that time in my life. Moving to an in-person office culture at Ironclad was really fun for me.

Brooke Adair at TechGC

Brooke with Ironclad colleague Crystal Wu at a TechGC conference

Because Ironclad sponsors coffee 1:1 meetings, I was able to meet peers from other departments and establish relationships in my very first week. Plus, as a sales rep, it’s so motivating to sit with your peers, celebrating wins and working through challenges in real-time, all while sharing our favorite music!

What are ways you’re staying motivated during shelter in place, especially with your line of work?

I’ve been able to stay motivated during COVID-19 because my customers are finding Ironclad more valuable than ever. This situation has been particularly demanding on legal teams, so they really need software to support their operations.

The most satisfying part of my day is that “aha” moment when someone realizes the positive impact our platform can have on their day-to-day work.

What does a typical day look like for you?

While working at home, I’m trying to really focus on having a routine to keep things feeling as “normal” as possible.

I try to start every day with some journaling and meditation. From there, I’m in and out of meetings, spending my day solving problems — whether it’s an internal project or helping a customer make a business case for purchasing contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology. After that, I unplug with a workout and a home-cooked meal.

Since joining Ironclad, you have been promoted. How has the experience been for you so far?

Becoming a manager during the remote work shift has been the greatest learning opportunity of my career. As an individual contributor, I always offered to coach my teammates and now I have laser-focus on supporting and advising my team full time. It’s fun to put our heads together as a team and strategize. They’re all incredibly thoughtful people, and watching them win deals is more fulfilling than closing a deal myself. My proudest moments are when I watch my reps work together and solve problems. My top priority is to create a collaborative culture where we can rely on and trust each other and this approach has allowed us to not only be successful, but have a blast while doing it.

What’s your favorite win so far?

My favorite part of sales at Ironclad is that we win every deal as a team, it’s always all hands on deck because our top priority is making clients happy and successful. Whether I’m working with our CTO Cai to share upcoming functionality with a prospective customer, or bringing in a Customer Success Manager to share a bit about our deployment methodology, I have so many resources at my fingertips. Anyone at Ironclad has the opportunity to help influence the direction of the company, no matter who they are.

Every customer I’ve brought on — like Canva, Progenity and Roblox — has been my favorite win. To know that Ironclad can be the difference between someone working on the weekend or holidays versus not, means the world to me.

Who inspires you?

My dad has always been my biggest inspiration — he was an incredibly kind, smart and creative person. When it comes to work, he particularly inspires me as I embark on managing people for the first time. I’ve met so many people who said he was the best manager they’ve ever had — that he made a significant impact on their lives — and I hope to continue that legacy.

Where would we find you outside of work?

In my kitchen! Cooking is my favorite ritual and another thing I learned from my dad. I like to try new recipes and feed the people I love, hopefully with a bottle of cabernet franc to go with the meal.

What career advice do you have for your younger self?

Fiercely believe in yourself, even when it’s really challenging to do. Imposter syndrome can hit hard, but it doesn’t deserve the mental real estate it takes up.

What’s the last book you’ve read?

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. It cracked my heart open in a beautiful way.

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