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Highlights from Ironclad at Shoptalk 2022

April 13, 2022 2 min read
Kyle and Brian at Shoptalk 2022

This year, Ironclad attended Shoptalk, an annual retail-focused conference in Las Vegas. Ecommerce industry leaders, changemakers, and innovators were present and looking for new strategies and technologies that can take their online retail business to the next level. We had a blast and made some solid connections, so overall I would say it was a win!

Ironclad's booth at Shoptalk 2022
Ironclad's booth at Shoptalk 2022

Why was Ironclad at Shoptalk?

You’re probably wondering what a CLM company was doing at an ecommerce conference. The answer is: clickwrap. Clickwrap is exactly what businesses transacting online and at high volumes need in order to remain compliant, while also providing an excellent customer experience.

In fact, Ironclad’s 2022 Clickwrap Litigation Trends report launched on day 2 of the conference. This report is a study of how online agreements like clickwrap, sign-in-wrap, and browsewrap agreements perform in court. In fact, ecommerce companies accounted for 13% of clickwrap litigation in 2021.

On the conference floor

Our booth was one of many on the conference floor, which made it easy to make new friends like Narvar, a post-purchase customer experience platform that kept us caffeinated with Nespresso coffees from their awesome booth. It also made it easy to reconnect with long-time customers, like L’Oreal, who, we were happy to hear, are still ecstatic Ironclad customers 🙂

Team Ironclad by their booth at Shoptalk
Team Ironclad by their booth at Shoptalk

Several members of the Clickwrap team at Ironclad attended, including Brian Powers, General Manager of Ironclad Clickwrap, as well as AEs Christine Vittorio, Anna Funke, and others. We took advantage of the foot traffic between the sessions – it didn’t hurt to be near the food – and connected with forward-thinking leaders ushering in the next age of ecommerce.

Work hard, play hard

Shoptalk wasn’t all work and no play. We hosted one of our legendary community dinners at Beauty and Essex in the Cosmopolitan hotel. The food was incredible, but we wouldn’t expect any different from Tao Group.

Ironclad at Shoptalk 1

We had a blast at Party at the Park and the White Out Beach Concert. Who knew Flo Rida had so many hits?

Overall, Shoptalk was a great way to connect with existing clients in the wild, meet new prospects, and ease back into in-person events.

If you missed us at Shoptalk, catch us at our Spring SDC. We hope to see you there!

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