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December 21, 2022 3 min read

Looking for some fun contracting content to binge over the next few weeks? You’re in luck. If you find yourself with some down time and want to go deep into the wonderful world of digital contracting and CLM (who doesn’t?!), here’s an easy road map for you.

The ins-and-outs of contract management

If you’re evaluating Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, it might be because you’ve experienced one of these terrifying Contract Horror Stories. In that case, you’ll definitely want to check out the 5 critical success factors for a CLM implementation, and don’t forget to see where Ironclad landed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Oh, and if you suffer from contract blockages, irritated stakeholders, or upset executives, every day can feel like the longest day of your life. See how Ironclad CLM can help in this quick video:

Legal and legal ops love

If contracts are your business, don’t miss this EOQ contracting survival guide. You might also want to check out these 5 cool things we learned by analyzing our own contract data or brush up on your CLM skills with some new Ironclad Academy badges. We offered 6 tips for building an in-house legal team, plus some ideas for your first 100 days as a GC, and even 5 tips to quickly scale your legal department.

We also let loose with our thoughts on the TLDR Act, dug into the latest Clickwrap litigation trends, and went over what happened when Sifuentes faced off against Dropbox. Whew!

The field of legal operations continues to explode. If that’s your jam, you might want to read Mary O’Carroll’s thoughts on the next evolution in legal ops. You should probably also check out our rad reality show Dine In, Nerd Out and be a fly on the wall as 6 leaders discuss what’s new in Legal Ops. Oh hey, here’s the first episode right here:

Get to Know Ironclad AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a huge topic this year. If you’re evaluating contract AI solutions, here are 5 questions to ask as you go. You can also see how the strong get stronger with contract AI and how Ironclad AI lets the humans do more humaning.

And we just offered a look right here at what’s ahead in 2023 for AI (hint: think Generative AI, ChatGPT, and LLMs). Here’s a nice intro to Ironclad AI from two wild and crazy guys:

Testing new formats

This year we launched a podcast: Pearls On, Gloves Off with Mary O’Carroll. We love this episode with rock-star-turned-legal-ops-legend Jenn McCarron, but the most downloaded by far was this one with legal psychologist Larry Richard.

If you’re road tripping this holiday season, go ahead and bookmark our hype Destination: AI road trip playlist or get inspired by our road trip karaoke here, here, and here.

More recently we tried a new approach with Ironclad Live, a Tonight-Show-esque event featuring customers, partners, and community members. Our first one launched the Ironclad Ecosystem in a fun, informative way. You can check out that first one below, and be sure to look out for future Ironclad Live shows it was a blast.

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As we close the doors on an amazing year here at Ironclad, we hope you’ll stay with us for more bingeworthy contracting content in 2023 like new commercials from meme lord Alex Su. Or is he Principal Alex Su? We’re not sure.

Anyway, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure you’re the first to see – or sign up for a custom demo to see how Ironclad helps you rock the contracting process to speed your business, drive results, and operate more effectively. 

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