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Contract Horror Stories: The Compliance Crawler

October 31, 2022 2 min read

Whew! Now that you’ve battled the Auto-Renew Outlaw, Rogue Contractor, EOQ Cruncher, Licensing Misfit, and T&C Bandit, you’re feeling super ready to keep your company pushing forward toward an initial public offering (IPO).

You’ve even heard that a respected investor is looking into your company. That team is looking to make an investment and feels your product has the potential to be a real game changer. After the initial diligence, the team has asked for your contracts, financial statements, and compliance records in order to finalize an investment.  

But where are those docs? Let’s see… Some of them are with finance. Some are with legal. Some are over with the outside counsel. Some are with partners and vendors. And who knows where the others are. Your team is pretty sure they can find most of them… from this year. But all the previous years? Who knows. 

If you don’t gather them soon, you’ll lose an incredibly lucrative investment opportunity. 

Ironclad helps you stay compliant

Contracts connect your company with all the other companies you work with during the course of business. Just one improperly-executed contract or billing error could potentially derail compliance, an investment opportunity, or even an IPO. 

By now you’ve learned about the amazing benefits and features of Ironclad, starting with our AI-powered repository. Gathering all of your contracts and documents in one place is the first step to giving your organization and visibility you need to know and understand the entitlements.

Upload your contracts at scale, then Ironclad AI automatically indexes, tags, and stores them. You can locate agreements quickly with a powerful search experience designed specifically for contracts. Then you’ll have all of your legal docs and agreements organized and at the ready for any audits or asks. Score. 

Ironclad helps you with: 

No more contract horror stories

It’s time to give these contract horror stories a fairytale ending. Click here to learn more about Ironclad’s AI-powered repository, or click here to sign up for a custom demo.

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Toby Schumacher is the Director of Business Development at Ironclad.