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August 1, 2017 2 min read

We’re on a mission to empower legal teams to do legal work, not paperwork

At Ironclad, we’re on a mission to empower legal teams to do great things for their organizations, rather than having to pore over paper.

We’re looking for driven, collaborative self starters who can own initiatives to completion and are passionate about bringing the power of software to Legal.

Working at Ironclad means that you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are constantly pushing boundaries, thinking steps ahead of the curve, and meeting the high standards we set for ourselves. When we work with customers, we put their needs first and think like counselors. When we build, we value design and elegance, so that their experience with our product is flawless.

Why Ironclad?

Contracts are business decisions trapped in administrative tasks. Ironclad is software that does all the administrative work better left for a robot, freeing legal teams to do more substantive work and drive business strategy.

At Ironclad, we’re passionate about bringing the power of software to legal teams everywhere. We are a team of lawyers, creatives, and software engineers who love solving hard problems — whether that means designing a beautiful user interface or breaking a complex contract down into a walk-up usable workflow.

Grow with — and learn from — the best

You’ll grow alongside a team of attorneys from Harvard and Oxford with experience in biglaw, banks, and law journals, and a top-notch technical team of designers and engineers from Palantir, Salesforce, and MIT.

You’ll also learn from the best. We’re supported by a vast network of mentors who believe and invest in Ironclad, including industry leaders from Y Combinator, Greylock, SV Angel, Formation 8 — and most recently, Accel Partners, known for investments in Facebook, Dropbox, and Slack. Your mentors will include the likes of Eddie Hartmann, who co-founded LegalZoom and Steve Loughlin, who founded RelateIQ and lead Salesforce Einstein.

Make an outsized impact

There’s no better time to join. Your work will shape the growth, strategy, and culture for yourself and hundreds of hires to follow. It will make a difference.

We’re growing aggressively but thoughtfully, and are looking for talent to join our Sales, Engineering, Design, and Marketing departments. If you’re passionate about using technology to empower Legal, we’d love to talk to you. Apply through our Careers Page or reach out to if you’d like to learn more.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how you can change the future of our company and contracts management.

Ironclad helps legal teams create, automate, and track contracts—all from one intuitive, powerful platform. See a demo today.

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Jason Boehmig founded Ironclad to break through the barriers and bottlenecks he encountered daily as a corporate attorney at Fenwick & West. In addition to leading the charge to bring contracts into the digital age, he has also been an adjunct professor at Notre Dame Law School and given guest lectures at universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, and Northwestern.