How Snap Inc. Uses Clickwrap for CLM to Power Creative Services Agreements

  • The Creative Services Agreement is pretty unique to Snapchat. It’s like an internal creative agency that develops and reformats video ads as well as filters and augmented reality Lenses to advertisers. Since Snap was one of the first platforms to use 100% vertical video, they needed an easy way for advertisers to adopt this new format.
  • A single ad account could have dozens of work orders a year, and although the overall campaign would be high value, the CSAs themselves would be relatively low dollar values. This was causing a lot of friction with advertisers needing escalations and internal legal approvals for these high-volume, transactional agreements.
  • The legal team at Snap decided to use clickwrap for their high-volume, low-value CSAs—what they now call an eCSA—allowing them to still use eSign for larger deals where legal was involved on both sides. 
  • The eCSA is automatically generated by a rep through the Salesforce-Ironclad integration, and it’s a completely different counterparty experience. Instead of getting a PDF in their inbox, they go right to the table of deliverables and can accept it right there.

Time to acceptance is down a ton, so our reps are happy. And our legal team is saving dozens of hours a month not having to field questions or do anything with these lower value agreements—they can focus on the more important deals.

- Sheena Ferrari, Head of Global Legal Operations at Snap Inc.
  • Contract Type Creative Services Agreements
  • 12+ Hours Saved Monthly

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