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Ironclad + Salesforce Integration: Powerful Contracting for Faster Deal Cycles


Though sales teams rely heavily on Salesforce, they can be at a loss when they need to manage contracts for deals. Without a way to easily create contracts and see which contracts are already in place for a prospect, sales teams have to manually follow up with legal – jumping back and forth between multiple systems – and the deal cycle slows down.

To address these challenges, Ironclad’s Salesforce integration puts the power of digital contracting directly in Salesforce. The integration seamlessly syncs data between Salesforce and Ironclad to increase speed and maintain data quality throughout the contracting process. Sales teams can launch contracts, stay up to date on the contract status, and search completed contracts – all without ever leaving Salesforce. They can also make contract data actionable by pulling Ironclad metadata into Salesforce’s powerful reports and advanced analytics, giving sales leaders visibility into the sales cycle like never before. Plus, Ironclad is the only CLM that combines its market-leading AI capabilities with best-in-class Salesforce integration, aligning legal resources to revenue and empowering sales and legal teams to win and close more deals together.


Key Benefits

  • Launch, approve, review, and negotiate contracts without leaving Salesforce, and import Salesforce data into contract workflows to eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Ensure data consistency with Salesforce metadata updates automatically reflected in the Ironclad contract workflow.
  • Collaborate easily via document uploading, counterparty document sharing, and embedded internal comments.
  • Eliminate wait time by receiving automatic updates in Salesforce for standard processes like contract approval and signature status.
  • Centralize agreements associated with an object to see all relevant contracts for a customer in one place.
  • Act on contract data by pulling contract metadata into Salesforce reports.
  • Seamlessly scale contract management capabilities to accommodate organizational growth, acquisitions, and evolving business needs without the constraints of traditional single-org integrations

Ironclad’s Salesforce Integration Features


Launch Workflows

This feature allows you to create a contract by filling forms with data pulled from Salesforce, either to launch a workflow or update with new contact data. Workflow Launch can also be leveraged by building a button in Salesforce to redirect users to a pre-filled launch form in Ironclad.

Multi-Org Capabilities 

Seamlessly connect all of your Salesforce orgs to one Ironclad account to manage commercial contracts across product lines, geos, and more—increasing collaboration, efficiency and visibility across your organizations.

Sync Workflows 

View the progress of a workflow in Ironclad directly in Salesforce using the Ironclad Workflow object – no more switching back and forth between platforms! Workflow Sync requires the installation of the Ironclad Managed Package from AppExchange.

Sync Records

Sync completed contracts and their data from Ironclad to a Contract Object in Salesforce. If applicable, Record Sync can also update existing Salesforce objects, such as fields on an Opportunity, or create new Salesforce objects, such as a new Contact with the signer’s name, title, and email.


Learn More

Interested in exploring how Ironclad can help your sales team control, manage, and close more deals even faster?

You can also visit us on the AppExchange. We’re proud to be one of only a handful of contract management vendors to have passed Salesforce’s rigorous security review process in addition to be Salesforce’s trusted CLM platform for managing their own contracting needs. And if you’d like to dive right in, the Ironclad Academy has short courses for admins who want to understand the basic configuration skills they’ll need to get the Salesforce integration up and running on their own schedule.

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Anushree Bagrodia
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Anushree Bagrodia

Senior Managing Counsel & Legal Transformation Lead


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