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AI + Your Legal Team: The Top Risks & Opportunities

Learn how generative AI is changing the landscape of legal work in the recording below.

Now that AI has truly made its way into the legal tech space, whether or not legal teams should be engaging with AI is no longer even a consideration – it’s an inevitability. The conversation surrounding it has followed suit, focusing increasingly on safe engagement and maximizing efficiency over adoption.

So we gathered another set of legal leaders to share their two cents. In this webinar, Dana Wagner, Chief Legal Officer at Twilio, Alan Tse, Global Chief Legal Officer at JLL, and Eleanor Lacey, General Counsel at Asana join our Chief Community Officer, Mary O’Carroll, to talk through  how AI is changing the landscape of legal work, what risks and opportunities it’s uncovering for legal teams,  and what they can do to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Key Takeaways

Experiment with your “spirit killers.” A good way to start getting comfortable with AI is to use it to offload your daily tasks, particularly those that might be manual, tedious, or well-suited to automation, like summarizing documents.

Maximize education, minimize risk. Educating yourself about the basics of the AI tech you’re leveraging is the best way to minimize risk exposure. Where does it pull its data from? Is it a private, internally built model or a public one? Do you have the right to share certain types of information with it? Often times, engineering teams have the answers. Ask!

Keep sight of the veil. Engaging with an AI model often feels intimate in conversation, so it’s key to remember that the implications of confidence and security you might have are an illusion. Forgetting can inadvertently expose you to more risk.

Spotlight legal. Leveraging AI is a powerful way to showcase how collaborative legal can be. Use it to automate and streamline tasks that make legal more efficient and helpful partners. For example, leveraging an AI model to sort through legal intake tickets and process them faster means a better experience for the stakeholder submitting the ticket.

Collaborate closely. Managing the responsible use of AI is a team effort. Legal cannot put comprehensive policies together without engaging security, product, and engineering teams. They have a deeper understanding of underlying technical intricacies, like how private data is collected, tracked, and stored.





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