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Highlights From State of Digital Contracting Fall 2022

Watch the recording below!
two guys embarking on road trip

Road trips give you time and space to ponder the big questions in life, like what’s really hidden in Area 51? Why don’t we have flying cars yet? And, how can artificial intelligence make my job easier?

If contracts are part of your profession, we can answer at least one of those questions for you. You’ll also get a good look at the next best thing to a flying car. But Area 54? We’re still working on that one.

Your drivers on this journey are Ironclad’s Cai GoGwilt, Chris Young, and Jason Boehmig. Distinguished passengers include Amanda Hazelton, Contracts Manager, Rivian; Chris Gunn, Counsel, One Medical; Charles Hurr, Associate General Counsel, L’Oreal; and Sam Altman, CEO, OpenAI. Now honk if you love Alex Su and DJ Thad!

Take the Scenic Route

By watching the full video, you can groove to the ultimate road trip playlist and get an eyeful of California’s roadside attractions, all while learning about Ironclad AI. But don’t worry about a long haul – the whole epic journey takes less than an hour.

Test Drive Ironclad AI

See how Ironclad Repository, Editor, and Insights are powered by AI for streamlined end-to-end contract management.

Upshift Your CLM

Chris Gunn describes One Medical’s transition from a static repository with limited search capabilities to leveraging AI for effortless contract management.

Stop and Enjoy the View

L’oreal’s Charles Hurr shares how AI-based contract management is the key to achieving an important life goal: approving contracts from the beach.

Fuel Up on Data

Chris and Jason grab an inspiring mobile meeting to discuss business operations based on insights from contract process data.

The Road Ahead

Tech icon Sam Altman talks to our team about the need for better legal tech, career planning for the tech revolution, and how to choose the best AI products.

Final Stop

Thanks for joining us for Destination: AI (State of Digital Contracting, Fall 2022). To continue our journey together, learn more about Ironclad AI or register for the next State of Digital Contracting event. Safe travels!

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