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How Legal & Compliance Leaders Build a Robust Compliance Culture

Watch the recording to learn how legal and compliance leaders are building a culture at their organization that treats compliance as a strategic advantage and not just a box to check.

Legal teams aren’t just decoding rules anymore–they’re becoming strategic powerhouses, using those rules to both protect the business and actively drive its growth. This shift towards creating a more proactive culture of compliance has a lasting impact on a business’s success beyond just risk mitigation.

Ironclad’s Senior Counsel, Nicole Dobias, recently sat down with OneStudyTeam’s General Counsel & Data Protection Officer, Martha Wrangham, and SpyCloud’s VP, Legal & Compliance, Lisa Salinas Schneider, to learn how they’re building a culture of compliance at their organizations. Here are a few takeaways from their conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • Make strategic hires. It can be difficult to figure out where to start when building out a compliance program. Making those key hires in the early days is instrumental to building a program that can really scale. The right candidate won’t just have a strong technical background, but will have a lot of innate curiosity and strong communication skills.
  • Be authentic and approachable. Compliance is a team sport and securing buy-in from stakeholders across the organization can be challenging. This is where it’s really important to focus on building trust with those key stakeholders by being authentic and making sure you’re always approachable. Especially considering that legal and compliance leaders have inherited a bit of stigma of being a “department of no”, building a solid foundation of trust with partners is the key to strong collaboration and working towards shared business objectives.
  • Seek out professional networks and communities. The compliance landscape is ever-changing and there’s constantly new challenges popping up. It’s vital to stay informed and seek out professional networks and connect with others in your field. Those conversations are invaluable and are the best way to get a pulse on new compliance initiatives that other leaders are prioritizing and help you take stock of what your organization might have to add to its compliance roadmap in the future.

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