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Lessons in Navigating Your In-House Legal Career Path

Career transitions can be a potent mix of excitement and uncertainty, even in the best of times. So how do you manage a job change in this environment, where the market is volatile and people interact virtually?

The more open you are the more exposed your going to be to opportunities you can either choose to pursue or not.

Taylor Miller

In a lively discussion, Taylor Miller, Managing Director at Whistler Partners, Vivian Wexler, Director of Talent Management at Vantage Partners, and Zach Golden, Associate General Counsel at The RMR Group, shared their insights on the job market, career visions and successful execution.

Vivian said job seekers should start by outlining their “VIP”:

  • Values: What you care about
  • Interests: What excites you
  • Proficiencies: What you’re good at

Have a clear sense of what brings you joy, and what you are good at. Both Taylor and Vivian advocated for realism when developing your career vision, which the conversations with your network can elicit. Ideally, your skills and interests align; otherwise, you may be in for an awakening.

The panelists suggested changing parameters (e.g., geography and finances) to make the most of the shift toward remote work, reducing your costs, and exploring alternative revenue streams to pursue your passion.


Key takeaways

Here’s some really important things you should remember:

  • Get as much experience as you can in your current role
  • Cast a wide net
  • Focus on what you can control








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A positive attitude is contagious, especially in uncertain times. Taking time to replenish yourself and connect with your joy goes a long way toward a polished interview and presenting yourself as a colleague other people want to work with.

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