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Contracts and Chocolates – Sweet tips and tricks to reduce negotiation

Watch the recording to see how a CLM like Ironclad can help provide more visibility and control over their contracts. Ironclad makes contract management as smooth as the finest chocolate.

Move over Willy Wonka, it’s time to review Ironclad’s “Contracts and Chocolates” event. Expert chocolatier Jason Knack will guide you through the nuances of coverture-grade vs. compound chocolate, while Ironclad’s dream team, featuring Mike Slattery and Laura Garcia, will dish out the secrets of contract lifecycle management. Trust us, this will be a tasty and informative session! Key takeaways:

  • Contracts are an essential aspect of an organization’s operations, as they hold a vast amount of valuable information that can be used to communicate with different stakeholders on a regular basis. Ironclad provides improved control and handling of contracts, fosters collaboration between legal and other departments, and enables companies to leverage contract data for strategic decision-making. 
  • Automation is the key to taking the hassle out of contract management for sales teams. Ironclad’s AI can review and redline contracts automatically, significantly speeding up the review process. The AI also helps in maintaining a comprehensive, searchable repository of all contracts and associated data. 
  • Chocolate-making is a detailed process. Making chocolate from cacao is a complex process that involves roasting the beans, separating the hull and the mass, emulsifying the mass with cacao butter and sugar, and finally shaping the chocolate. Much like contracting, the detailed process contributes to the quality of the end result.