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[Live Demo] Ironclad for Sales: Learn how to close better deals faster playback

Watch the recording to see how integrating your CLM with Salesforce can make collaboration between Sales and Legal on complex deal cycles easy.

In this webinar,  Andrea Chow, the Senior Field Marketing Manager at Ironclad, introduced a demonstration of the Ironclad platform for sales teams. The demo, conducted by Solutions Engineer Rachel Riley and Enterprise Account Executive Matt Henry, showcased how Ironclad sped up sales processes, streamlined contract management, and enhanced collaboration between sales and legal teams. Here are a few takeaways from the live demonstration:

CLMs–and their integration capabilities–can significantly reduce contract processing times. For example, major office supplier and Ironclad customer Staples was able to reduce their contract processing time by 80% after implementing Ironclad. Now, 91% of Staples’ contracts get processed without any legal involvement.

Automation is the key to taking the hassle out of contract management for sales teams.  Ironclad’s automation capabilities allow sales teams to send out low-lift contracts like non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with just a single click. And even when faced with more complex contracts that require some back and forth, automation still cuts the number of volleys down. 

No code = gold. Teams are able to adapt quickly to changes in approval matrices or business processes because of Ironclad’s no-code nature, allowing users to easily make edits and implement changes. 

“Ironclad meets users where they already are.” Ironclad integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, making it easier for sales reps to manage complex contracts while enhancing collaboration with their legal team.