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What's New Q3 2023

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As the leading CLM platform, we are committed to bringing the latest AI contract management tech to streamline your organization’s contract management processes. Join us every quarter as we dive in to new products, feature enhancements, in-product demos, and live Q&A and show how you can use them to continuously optimize your contracting processes.


What We Covered

This quarter’s webinar dove in to the best of Ironclad’s summer releases, including:
  • Ironclad Smart Import via email, which allows users to upload contracts directly into the Ironclad Repository via email
  • Microsoft Word integration, which allows users to open, edit, and save documents back into Ironclad via Word
  • Ironclad Smart Detect, which detects differences between different document versions and prompts users to reconcile them
  • A number of Ironclad Workflow Designer enhancements

Thanks for joining us for the What’s New webinar! If you’d like to learn more about how these new features can work for your business, get a custom demo, and don’t forget to save your spot for next quarter’s What’s New webinar.

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