Simplifying Complicated Purchases In the Online Era

As much as focusing on implementing the most innovative technology might initially propell a busines forward, at the end of the day, the gold standard of sucess is a flawless customer experience. So how do companies go about marrying these two sometimes-competing priorities?

James Hafen, SVP of Product & Technology at ExtraSpace Storage, and Nick Devlin, VP of Tech Ops at Orangetheory joined Ironclad’s Director of Sales for Ironclad Clickwrap to discuss how they approached this tension and evolved their digital strategies to meet their customers where they were – without letting messy paperwork get in the way.

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Key Takeaways

  • Research, research, research. Take the time to really understand what your users’ pain points look like. Sit down with them, ask questions, and try to live their experience so that you know exactly what to build for and for whom for when product roadmap drafting comes along.
  • Work backwards from the ideal customer experience. To avoid plateauing, it’s critical to map out exactly how you want the customer to experience the sign up or purchase flow. After all, it doesn’t matter how innovative your technology is if it’s buried below a poor UI.
  • Always be iterating. You might already have a pretty decent digital experience for your customers. But is it perfect? Is it keeping pace with surrounding innovation? The best customer experiences are ones behind which the team is constantly listening, A/B testing, and making incremental improvements. Don’t settle for good when you could be great.







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