Why sandboxes are a critical part of the CLM evaluation process

Seeing is believing. It used to be that companies purchased software for multi-year contracts without even being able to test-drive the tools they were committing to.

Sometimes that approach worked. More often than not, though, it led to buyer’s remorse. Learn why a sandbox is a critical part of the CLM evaluation process—and what to ask for when you request one. 

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Ensure you’re purchasing a complete solution

Sandboxes demonstrate product versatility

Your contracts touch every part of your business. The best way to ensure that a CLM is flexible and robust enough to handle your company’s needs is to try configuring a sample workflow using your own contract template.

That’s why, when you request a sandbox, you should also ask that a vendor walk you through how to configure and deploy a workflow (that is, a contract template and the business processes associated with it) in their solution.

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Get ahead of user adoption

Sandboxes show you the user experience

CLM solutions are only useful if they are adopted by teams across your company. Unfortunately, most CLMs are difficult to adopt, which means users end up deciding to email legal with their requests rather than using the system.

The good news is that a sandbox can help you compare the end-user experience of different CLMs. Is a solution easy to learn, or does it intimidate your end-users?

Once you get a sandbox from a vendor, put it in front of a few test users from different departments. Their feedback will help you assess product usability.


Evaluate partnership potential

Sandboxes help you assess implementation risk

CLM solutions can only benefit your company if they’re deployed correctly, and they can only be deployed correctly if they’re set up by legal operations and technology experts.

Use your sandbox experience as a way to get to know the implementation personnel you might be working with, as a CLM customer.

Learn more about Ironclad’s Customer Success team here.

Once I saw Ironclad’s demo, it was on the top of our shortlist. Nobody else was even able to say they could meet all of our requirements.

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How Cofense Evaluated CLMs and Adopted Ironclad

Cofense needed to streamline their contracting process, but their first CLM solution only made matters worse. Since switching to Ironclad, however, they’ve achieved quicker turnaround times for Sales and Procurement, 100% adoption, and company-wide satisfaction.


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