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Contract Horror Stories: Licensing Nightmares

October 26, 2022 2 min read

You’ve bested some real contract horror stories – and lived to tell tales about the Auto-Renew Outlaw, Rogue Contractor, and beastly EOQ Cruncher. Processes are smooth now, and more leads and upsell opportunities are coming in all the time. Good stuff!

Things are going so well, in fact, that a top customer got in touch recently with the great news that her company wants to add 100 more licenses ASAP – “How quickly can we get that up and running?”

Whomp, whomp… Weeks later, you’re still working on getting the upsell order form in line with the original contract. With the paper process still getting attention internally, your customer is patiently waiting to pay you more money to get more people using your product. Why is this taking so long? 

Talk about a tough customer experience. After several check-ins from the customer, you’re forced to admit that you can’t activate the new licenses yet because your internal contracting process “just takes time.”

You leave your customers wondering, “Why can’t I just give them more money?” What a nightmare. The Licensing Misfit strikes again. Somebody please make this easier for me!

Prevent licensing mishaps

Fortunately, you know where to turn. With Ironclad, you can easily create a public workflow, Clickwrap, or order form, which lets you quickly and easily get an add-on order form into your buyer’s hands. This simple workflow helps your company realize revenue faster and makes your buyers incredibly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use.

Smooth, seamless customer experiences like these keeps your customers coming back to you – instead of running to a competitor or talking smack behind your back. (Hey, it happens!)

No more contract horror stories

Stymie the Licensing Misfit. Click here to learn how Ironclad can help you save time (and customers) with its simple drag and drop contract creation. Or sign up for a custom demo here.

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Toby Schumacher is the Director of Business Development at Ironclad.