Legal Ops and Community: Rounding up Mary O’Carroll’s Best Content

January 24, 2023 3 min read

A big part of what makes working in legal operations so rewarding for me is the community I’ve become part of over the years. Opportunities to learn from my colleagues and share my own experiences are a big reason why I love coming to work each day. 

I’ve been asked more than once recently where to find my own content, so I’ve pulled together a list of my writing, podcast appearances, and webinars, as well as additional legal ops content from the past few years. The list is organized chronologically, and doesn’t include my own podcast, Pearls On, Gloves Off (which we lovingly refer to as POGO). You can find every episode of POGO right here

2023 Content 

Legal Dive: The Legal and Operations partnership, Part 2: How legal ops should work with GCs 
A solid relationship with your general counsel defines the level of success you’ll be able to have as a legal ops department.

Ironclad Webinar: Level Up Your Legal Ops in 2023 with Mary O’Carroll and Jenn McCarron

Ironclad Blog: How to Buy Legal Technology

Ironclad Blog: Legal Teams: Where to Invest In an Economic Downturn

Ironclad Blog: Engaging with AI Isn’t a Choice

2022 Content

Legal Dive: The Legal and Operations partnership, Part 1: How GCs should work with legal ops
Even before you make your first legal ops hire, it’s important you level-set the role within your department and position it properly.

Legal Dive: Making your first legal ops hire? Look for these 7 skills
Overall, you want to hire someone with experience in building, managing, and scaling programs at a very strategic level.

Legal Dive: Building a legal ops team? Start here 
General counsel should make their first operations hire by the time their legal team is five-members strong and look for a strategic thinker.

Legal Dive: Time for a shift from legal ops to strategic ops
Google’s former legal operations leader wants to see the growing profession expand its reach within companies.

Limitless Podcast: Creating world-class legal teams

Ironclad Webinar: Real Talk with Jenn and Mary

Ironclad Webinar: Level Up Your Legal Ops in 2022 with Jenn McCarron and Mary O’Carroll

Ironclad Blog: 5 Expert Tips to Quickly Scale Your Legal Department

2021 Content How Legal Operations Can Drive the Future of the Legal Industry
Even in a change-resistant field like legal, the economics become undeniable at some point. Now more than ever, legal departments are ripe for disruption.

Geek in Review Podcast: Episode 130 – Mary O’Carroll – The Power of Community in Driving Change

Pursuit’s Innovative Legal Leadership Podcast: Mary O’Carroll: From Investment Banking to Legal Ops at Google

Global Legal Post: Mary O’Carroll: ‘It’s the folks with the mindset to challenge the status quo that go on to create real change’ – Founder of Google’s legal ops arm and Ironclad’s first chief community officer on CLOC, the billable hour and digitising contracts

Uncommon Room: An Interview with Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer at Ironclad about building community

LawNext Podcast: Legal Ops Pioneer Mary Shen O’Carroll On Moving From Google To Ironclad

Modern Lawyer Podcast: From Google to Ironclad

Legal Ops Podcast: Legal Tech at Google with Mary O’Carroll
Have you ever wanted to know what legal ops looks like at Google? Or are you curious about what the President of CLOC thinks about the future of legal ops?

2020 Content

CLOC eBook: What is Legal Ops?

CLOC eBook: Guide to Your First 100 Days in Legal Ops

CLOC eBook: Why Your Next Hire Should be in Legal Ops

CLOC Blog: When It Comes To Solving Process Challenges With Technology, Legal Ops Teams Need To Think Bigger. Here’s Why

CLOC Blog: Business Continuity Planning (BCP) How-To Guide

Law Now Podcast: Mary O’Carroll: The Legal Operations Role and Its Growing Importance
Mary O’Carroll shares her experience serving in the legal operations role, the role’s growing importance to the legal industry, and the impacts she’s had at the tech giant Google.

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