Take 5 with Ben Newcomer, Software Engineer

January 16, 2019 2 min read

Interested in life at Ironclad? Get to know our Cladiators through our weekly employee spotlight, Take 5.

Tell us about yourself.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Chemistry at Georgia Tech. I worked in software engineering at Cisco for a year and then as a line cook at acclaimed Hawker Fare for seven months.

Why Ironclad?

I learned about Ironclad through a friend who worked there.  I was drawn to the culture. Everyone is thoughtful, driven, and intelligent which makes for a great supportive work environment.

What’s your favorite win so far?

I love seeing people use Blueprint for the first time. It represents a new paradigm for legal ops professionals and you can see when customers realize how much is possible with this new self-service product.

Who inspires you?

The chefs and cooks I have met. They do more work for less pay than anyone else I know and they know how to have fun while doing it! Also my mother. She works in nonprofit strategy and, to me, represents the value of working to benefit others rather than to benefit yourself.

What career advice do you have for your younger self?

When you are looking at career options and education options, make sure you consider yourself, your interests, and your happiness.

What’s the last book you’ve read?

The Tartine Cookbook (I read my new cookbooks pretty much cover-to-cover). I am also working on “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari.

What’s something that most people would be surprised to know about you?

I love exploring and making all kinds of food. I’ve gotten strange looks when I talk about making paneer, or tamago and sticky rice.

When you’re not at work, you’re where?

In a grocery store or farmer’s market, in my kitchen cooking and prepping, or on my bike riding around the city.

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About Ironclad

Ironclad is the #1 contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies, powering billions of contracts every year. Salesforce, L’Oréal, OpenAI and other leading innovators use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. It’s the only platform flexible enough to handle every type of contract workflow, whether a sales agreement, an HR agreement or a complex NDA. In 2023, Ironclad was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Contract Lifecycle Management, as well as named to the Forbes AI 50 2023 list and a Top Company to Bet Your Career On by Business Insider.

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