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[Live Demo] Ironclad for Sales: Learn how to close better deals faster playback

Watch the recording to see how integrating your CLM with Salesforce can make collaboration between sales and legal on complex deal cycles easy.

Watch the recording to see how Ironclad helps sales teams sign deals faster with contracts legal trusts.

Our most recent webinar featured a live demo of Ironclad and showcased how an Ironclad admin can leverage the Salesforce integration. It goes into detail about how to set up and configure the integration as well as how the end-user experience can streamline contract processing for both sales and legal teams. 

Admins choose Ironclad x Salesforce for ease of use. The Ironclad’s Salesforce integration enables admins to easily manage templates over time. Salesforce, an Ironclad customer,  recently started implementing Ironclad specifically for their professional services team. This has enabled Salesforce to rapidly roll an Ironclad workflow out for their Statements of Work (SOWs) within just four months.

Ironclad’s  click-to-configure integration requires no coding. Admins can start with a small use case and as their needs grow, Ironclad’s no code allows them to adapt quickly. 

The integration provides a seamless, collaborative, and high level of customization for admins. Ironclad eliminates contract wait times, centralizes agreements, and provides a collaborative space for different users across different systems. Once a contract is complete in Ironclad, the contract record can be directly accessed in Salesforce.