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Automate contract workflows from end to end — no matter how complex they get –
with Ironclad, the global leader in contract AI.

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If your contract workflows never change, go with SpotDraft

SpotDraft is a newer tool with a few basic CLM features. It automates contract creation and approval but requires help from support to make minor changes to processes. With SpotDraft:

  • You can’t update templates without help from support
  • Users are able to circumvent approvals
  • Pulling data for custom reports is challenging
  • Scaling teams outgrow the tool and end up migrating

SpotDraft vs Ironclad feature comparison

See how Ironclad stacks up


Free trial

Not available

14-day free trial
No credit card required

Drag-and-drop workflow builder

Intuitive interface to create workflows without code

Contract creation


Limited conditional logic with manual routing — hard to scale


Add conditionality and
formatting to create infinite contract variations

Counterparty follow-ups

Forced follow-ups
every two days

See who’s got the doc and for how long before following up

Custom approvals

Review requests get auto-assigned to team leads

Set up approval rules & escalate to the right people

Custom AI training

Detect non-standard or custom clauses that fit your language




Integrate with Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Coupa, and 5,000+ apps with Zapier

Acceptance methods

eSignature only

eSignature & click-to-accept

Forrester CLM Wave

Not recognized

Named Leader in 2023

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Not recognized

Named Leader in 2023

IDC MarketScape

Not recognized

Named Leader in 2023

SpotDraft vs Ironclad

Increase efficiency, accuracy, and turnaround times with Ironclad AI

Review contract 60% faster with AI

Automatically identify key terms and clauses. Jump to priority sections instead of requiring line-by-line review. Locate areas that may pose risk and see pre-approved clauses and replacement language.

"If we didn’t have Ironclad, could we extend a day to have 48 hours instead of 24 hours? Because that might be what we’d need. It would’ve been difficult without tools like Ironclad."

Anushree Bagrodia

Senior Managing Counsel & Legal Transformation Lead


Create legal workflows without technical support

Launch contract generation and approval processes, without long implementation times or the need for technical support. Use a drag-and-drop builder to instantly update workflows, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

"I find this to be the most user friendly CLM in comparison to the other CLMs I’ve used. Our adoption rate is so high because it’s such an intuitive system."

Ummu Fallon

Legal Operations Manager


Migrate and tag legacy contracts 50% faster

Upload, scan, and tag third-party paper and legacy contracts. Ironclad Smart Import detects 194+ contract properties with 90%+ accuracy and makes your contract data instantly searchable in your repository.

"With Ironclad’s Smart Import, uploading legacy contracts is 40-50% faster and we get 2-3 times more contract data than before."

Daniela Lagoteta

Legal and Compliance Analyst


Redline contracts based on pre-approved language

AI Assist™ scans your contracts, identifies unapproved clauses, and redlines language for review. Quickly accept or reject updates in one click. Ironclad AI can also draft, analyze, and summarize your contracts.

"Like many lawyers, I was skeptical of AI. But I wanted to try it, so I used Ironclad AI Assist to help draft a few clauses - and it was fast. I sent them to the counterparty and didn’t get a *single* redline back."

Katelyn Canning

Head of Legal Operations


Faster adoption, shorter sales cycles

Get sales to start documents without leaving Salesforce. Reps can launch contracts with information they have in their CRM and achieve 4x faster contracting time.

"A process that could have taken weeks can now be spun up in minutes."

Kevin Stanizewski

Manager, Mid-Market Sales


More integrations with sales and procurement tools

Connect Ironclad to Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Gong, Tableau, and procurement-specific tools like Coupa, Onetrust, Whistic, Productiv, and Zip. Expand to thousands of other tools via Zapier and our open API.

"With Ironclad, all our templates are streamlined and integrated with Salesforce which removes the double entry and manual work."

Ummu Fallon

Legal Operations Manager


Contract signing at scale, without intervention

Get contracts signed with one-click acceptance. Complete a high volume of agreements with a low touch, fully compliant process using Ironclad Clickwrap.

"Ironclad's Clickwrap enabled us to intake and organize a large volume of contracts. Without Ironclad, we would have spent considerable time and resources to attempt to build a solution of our own. "

Stephen Chu

Chief Legal and People Officer


Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Ironclad Community

Join the world’s leading digital contracting community

Join Mary O’ Carroll, Alex Su, and other industry leaders defining the new world of digital contracting.

Get the answers and ideas you need to advance your role. Connect with peers, attend events, and voice your ideas with the Ironclad Community and Ironclad product team.

"My experience with the Ironclad community has been nothing short of warm and inviting. It is an amazing group that has found a way to connect a diverse legal industry through practical conversation and enjoyable dinners."

Lacy J. Lodes

Associate General Counsel

Mercari US

portrait of catherine choe
Everlaw Logo

Catherine Choe

Director, Legal Operations & Strategy


Our goal is to keep legal out of 95% of contracts, and Ironclad's AI-driven workflows, permission controls, and analytics help us get there.

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SpotDraft vs Ironclad

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ironclad charge for implementation?

You can choose to set up on your own, for free, or customize your implementation through collaborative building sessions with an Ironclad expert.

With its $0 implementation cost and user-friendly experience, Ironclad’s Self-Start is the preferred approach for lean legal teams. Teams use a pre-loaded Ironclad instance and self-serve guides to drive the implementation themselves. Once they’re done, they can check in with customer success to make sure everything is set up correctly and ready to go.

Teams that need additional support can always reach out and discuss an implementation plan that adapts to their processes.

Does Ironclad have a free trial?

Yes! It’s easy to get started, and there’s no commitment. Start your 14-day free trial here.

How do I know if I need a CLM as robust as Ironclad?

It depends on your legal needs and processes. If your legal workflows are not sophisticated, you might not need an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management product like Ironclad. But if you want to create and manage contracts at scale with an easy-to-use process builder and the ability to update it as you need, a CLM with mature, AI-powered features is what you’re looking for.

Can I edit contracts online with Ironclad?

Of course you can! Ironclad is designed to help legal teams manage the contract redlining and revision process, online. Traditional tools offer basic in-browser and desktop options which limit editing capabilities or silo users within Microsoft Word. Ironclad gives you a DOCX-native experience and the ability to edit, comment on, and track changes while staying connected to your colleagues.

Is Ironclad easy to learn for new users and legal teams?

Getting started with Ironclad is a breeze, for both legal and business users. The onboarding process typically takes a few days for most clients. Legal teams can easily configure workflows that align with their essential business systems, using Ironclad’s no-code workflow builder. Sales teams and other users can then launch and manage documents using these pre-approved workflows. To learn how you can get started in as little as four days — with $0 in implementation costs — check out stories from Ironclad Self-Start customers.

If you have questions, here are 3 ways to get help:

  1. Search for answers in the Ironclad Academy
  2. Connect with legal peers in our community
  3. Get in touch with our support team

Where is Ironclad based?

Ironclad is headquartered in San Francisco, United States. Most of Ironclad’s employees are US-based, including customer support, sales, and leadership teams. Ironclad uses the US-hosted Google Cloud Platform for production servers and operates in multiple zones to create robustness against outages.

Who are Ironclad's competitors?

Ironclad has different competitors in the CLM and contract management industries. For a comprehensive list of competitors, read our guide on How to Choose the Best Contract Management Software.