How DoorDash Creates Self-Service Restaurant Partnership Contracts Using Clickwrap




  • Typical B2B contracting approaches weren’t working for DoorDash because of the pure volume of agreements they handle that require attention from both the sales and legal teams. They also needed a unique solution that wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and could cater to the many types of precise agreements they would need. 
  • DoorDash created a process where sales reps can send a clickwrap contract to merchants as part of their workflow. The experience is low touch and fully compliant.
  • Simultaneously, they’ve also launched a totally self-service merchant experience for small businesses. Here’s how it works: Ironclad Clickwrap generates the right agreement for them to accept, right on the spot, based on the info they fill out on the DoorDash website. Technically, they have hundreds and hundreds of versions of contracts in all of their various configurations, but their legal team doesn’t have to worry about manually selecting which contract to display—the tool does the work of showing the right one at the right time.

Small businesses can complete our sign up process without having to talk to a sales rep or squiggle sign a signature packet.

-Kathy Zhu, Sr. Director, Associate General Counsel, Commercial & Legal Operations, DoorDash
  • Product Ironclad Clickwrap
  • Features Terms management, Dynamic templates, Repository
  • Contract type Merchant agreements

Streamline and accelerate enforceable online agreements with Ironclad Clickwrap.

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