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Contract Horror Stories: The T&C Bandit

October 28, 2022 2 min read

By this point you’ve tackled the Auto-Renew Outlaw, Rogue Contractor, EOQ Cruncher, and Licensing Misfit, but unfortunately there’s a new problem on your plate. You’ve just learned from your legal department that someone has filed a lawsuit against your company because of something you’ve updated on the website. Part of your terms. They claim the company never told them about the update.

No big deal, you think. And that can’t be right anyway – You display your terms of service and privacy policy right there on the website. Anyone can see them. So you should be all set, right? That’s what you tell yourself anyway.

But your legal team says no – they actually have no way to prove acceptance in litigation. No file or digital record at all. They gave you the language to include on the website, but there’s no way to prove a viewer read – or even saw – the terms. And that email notice your product team sent? That doesn’t cut it either. Looks like they’re going to have to settle. You’ve got to come up with a way to stop putting the company at risk, or this will surely happen again.

Avoid litigation with Clickwrap

Clickwrap is a powerful click-to-accept agreement platform that gives you a simple way to enforce terms and stay compliant – while offering a seamless experience for your customers and users. Every time a user accepts an agreement, Clickwrap saves a digital file with a timestamp and image. These files are legal documents, fully admissible in court, to help companies easily protect and enforce their terms. It’s a simple, cost effective way to avoid a long, drawn-out dispute in open court. 

We’ve even got pre-created developer documentation that shows how you can configure Ironclad Clickwrap into your customer experience to ensure every user is up to date on your terms of service at all times. 

No more contract horror stories

Click here to learn how Clickwrap gives you the power (and timestamps!) to prove digital acceptance in court, or sign up for a custom Clickwrap demo here. Let’s make these crazy contract horror stories a thing of the past.

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Toby Schumacher is the Director of Business Development at Ironclad.